Alhumdulillah the SIA has secured the services of Qari Yaeesh Alli, effective the 01st September 2017. This decision goes a long way in establishing the leadership necessary for our diverse and dynamic community. We welcome Qari Yaeesh to our community and make Dua that Allah blesses us a long and fruitful relationship that yields mutual benefit with the objective of bringing us all closer to our Creator, Allah.

We must thank Moulana Bilal Moulana Arshard and Hafez Fareed for the sterling work done at the SIA over the past few years. They have set the foundation for taking us to the next level with Qari Yaeesh

Together with this the SIA has also, in the recent past, made significant strides in 
1. Procuring a further property at 90 Coleraine at a cost of approximately R3,6 million 
2. Completed the refurbishment of the Vincent Rd property for madressa purposes at a cost of R100,000 
3. Secured the Rezoning for the Sandton Islamic precinct 
4. Appointed the architect for the design and submission of necessary plans to council and related committees

The above has placed a strain on the cash resources of the association. An appeal is made to the community to contribute generously to the SIA.

Our immediate focus is to secure donors able to sign up monthly debit orders, creating a more sustainable income stream for the SIA. One of the objectives of the new SIP (Sandton Islamic Precinct) will be to create a revenue stream, however that is a medium to long term goal.

We have many mechanisms for contributions to the SIA including payment via credit card using the website or EFT into either our Standard or FNB bank accounts.

The SIA is humbled by the exceptional response we have always received from our well wishers and hope this appeal will be met with the usual generosity of our community. We pray that Allah bless you, your families and friends with Barakah.