Sandton Islamic Association

During Ramadaan of 2003, Taraweeh Salaah was performed at a home in Morningside. There were approximately 30 – 40 Musallees who were resident in and around Sandton attending the Taraweeh Salaah. This prompted increased awareness that the Muslim community in Sandton was growing at a rapid rate and that the creation of an Islamic association in Sandton is a necessity in order to manage and develop a Jamaat Khanna to cater for the prayer requirements of Musallees as well as address the social needs of the burgeoning Sandton Muslim community.

The Sandton Islamic Association was formulated during that Ramadaan with the primary objective of setting up a Jamaat Khanna in the Sandton area. The association identified the following long term goals:

– Converting the Jamaat Khanna into a Mosque

– Establishing a Madressah

The Sandton Islamic Association has been successful in meeting these goals and is responsible for establishing the first permanent mosque in Sandton as well as the first permanent Madressah in Sandton. With these goals been met, the Sandton Islamic Association intends to build on these achievements in order to further serve the needs of the Sandton Muslim community.

Sandton Masjid

The objective of the Sandton Mosque is to establish a meeting place for Islamic worship and learning. The Sandton Mosque is an environment conducive to the spiritual development, self-improvement and education of individuals wanting to achieve nearness to Allah, increase their Islamic knowledge and cultural awareness.

The Sandton Mosque is zoned as a place for religious worship and is located on the corner of Coleraine and Ballyclare Drive. The location of the Sandton Mosque makes it easily accessable from Bryanston, Sandton, Riverclub, Rivonia and other surrounding areas.

The Sandton Mosque has prayer facilities for both men and women and at any one point in time the Sandton Mosque can accomodate over 300 people for congregational prayer. The Sandton Mosque is frequented by men and women working, living and visiting Sandton. At any one of the five daily congregational prayers held at the Sandton Mosque persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds will be found praying together. The Sandton Islamic Association is proud of its diverse congregation and believes that the diverse Muslim community that attends prayers at the Sandton Mosque reflects the multiracial and multicultural nature of Islam.

The Sandton Islamic Association estimates that the Sandton Mosque serves over 250 Muslim families from as far as Saxonworld through to Fourways.

Interested parties, both Muslim and Non-Muslim, are welcome to contact members of the Sandton Islamic Association in order to arrange a tour of the Sandton Mosque.