The fee structure for 2019 is as follows:

No. of learners

Fee p.m. (11 months)**

Annual fee

Annual fee discount if settled by end Jan



R 600

R 6600

R 5940


R 1150

R 12 650

R 11 385


R 1 650

R 18 150

R 16 335

Saturday class

R 550

R 6 050

R 5 445

Fees are payable over 11 months, from February – December, with an annual fee discount for payment in full by end Jan 2019.

• Reports will not be issued for non-payment of fees.

• If fees cannot be afforded, please contact the Principal.

Bank Details


Bank: Standard Bank

Account Number: 021-532-214

Branch: Sandton City

Branch Code: 018-105

Reference: (child’s surname and student number)

Payment method

Fees are due and payable by the 7th day of each month, or by the 3rd week of every term or annually before the end of first term. No other payment form will be acceptable.

Fees can be paid by direct deposit, bank debit order or bank transfer. Please use your child’s full name and surname for reference purposes to ensure that we allocate the payment correctly.

Fees are payable as usual during school holidays and absences. There is a one term notice period that is required for any student who wishes to leave the Madressah. Should the student leave the Madressah without the required notice period issued in writing to the principal, the parent / guardian will be required to pay the full terms fees.