The Mosque is the center for all Islamic activity as it used to be in the mosques of the Prophet in Medina. In these mosques, not only prayers took place, but it was a school of knowledge where companions used to study the Quran and ask questions. It was a place for the Government to receive delegations from foreign countries. It was a treasury from which charity work was done .In fact, the mosque extended to the care of the needy and orphans, and the sick as well as a place for giving D’awa to non Muslims who love Islam. Thus we need our mosques not only to be a place of prayer but, a place for seeking Islamic Knowledge for Muslims.

Building a mosque is a prophetic and Islamic tradition of Muslim Communities. One of the first things that the Prophet Mohammed “Peace be upon him” did when he entered Medina, is to build a mosque,  Subsequently wherever the Muslim’s have gone, they have built a Mosque for their needs in that community. Factually the number of Muslims or the number of Mosques could reflect the true parameters in the strength of Islam? Unless we build a community around the mosque to support and maintain the Mosque and strengthen the community, the mosque itself will not protect the community.

In order to build the community we need to punctually attend all the prayers at the mosque and all programmes taking place. This will create the opportunity for brothers to meet ,greet, communicate  and connect with the house of Allah and one another , creating a sense of belonging and brotherhood . We are very fortunate that Allah has blessed us with the facilities and comforts we have at our disposal and to show gratitude we need to use these favours of Allah to build our selves our community and our future.